The When Parents Text Finale

Today marks the 3rd year of When Parents Text.

When we started the site in 2010, we had no idea what it would become.

In three years we have published over five thousand texts, welcomed over 70 million visitors, designed an app, and published a book (now in its fourth printing).

The transition from friends to business partners was fun, but not always easy. And after three years, we have decided to go back to being just friends.

This is the When Parents Text Finale!

We will leave the archive of texts up on our site and our app, and continue our Tumblr and Facebook pages. Continue to share your texts and enjoy the hilarity. We’ll still post occasionally.

This past weekend we went to our hometown and the Panera where it all started. You can see more pictures here.

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Lauren Kaelin is an illustrator and paints memes.

She started as an excuse to paint the internet. Prints are available for purchase here.

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Sophia Fraioli works as a Production Manager for Stylesight.

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Thanks for everything. Keep texting!

Bowtie man 4eva ;-)8

Lauren and Sophia

Barking Mad

  • DAD: You know how I like to stop and stoplights and bark at the dogs next to me to see if they’ll start barking? I just did that and the lady driving looked over and caught me in the act.
  • ME: …I did not know that that was something you liked to do…
  • DAD: Really? You can bark silently- act like your barking- and about 50% of dogs will bark back
  • DAD: Try it